Company History

Up Yer Kilt originated from a small home business operating under the moniker of Mrs Macks Merchantile. Mrs Macks came to life in 1995 as a result of a demand for custom leatherwork, specializing in cowboy gear including gun belts and holsters, but also produced other items like pipers uniform belts, sgian dubh sheaths, flag harnesses and other items as requested.

Due to a strong interest and involvement in pipe band and celtic communities, Mrs Macks' focus turned to highland games and supplying highland equipment, regalia and gifts in 1997. The name was officially changed in 2007 to reflect the predominant product line.

While still maintaining a presence at highland games in Alberta it was decided that the company had to go on-line to bring you the full scope of the product line. The games just couldn't do justice to the wide array of regalia, gifts and trinkets.

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